Materiale si tehnica folosite pentru a construi un arc....

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Post by domide » 03 Dec 2014, 21:49


Am tot auzit termenul "carbonized bamboo", bambus carbonizat... Se utilizeaza impreuna cu bambusul netratat la miezul unor arcuri foarte bune (din cate am citit).
Stie cineva, in ce consta procedeul si cum se poate realiza (daca se poate) home made?
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Re: bambus

Post by cipm66 » 04 Dec 2014, 18:33

Asta am gasit pe net... dar se refera la bambus folosit pentru parchet:

Cooking the Bamboo
The carbonization process involves pressure heating or kiln drying. Both processes heat the sugar in the wood and result in a dark, amber color which may be either fairly uniform or variegated. Carbonized bamboo is not usually stained -- its color comes from its processing. It can be mixed with natural bamboo or blended with darker or lighter carbonized bamboo for different decorative effects.

Read more : ... amboo.html
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